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Amfora Tandoor Sarmat Aladdin

1,159.00 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery
Delivery time: 3-4 day(s)


Height with lid 120 cm
Height without lid 83 cm
Muzzle diameter 33 cm
Diameter 83 cm
Wall thickness 7 cm
Weight 215 kg
Included in the standard set:
1 Tandoor "Aladdin" including lid
20 skewers, including hanging device
1 poker hook
1 shovel
1 grate
1 mobile shovel, poker, skewer & lid holder
1 dust & waterproof cover

The Tandoor "Sarmat Aladdin" - like the "Sarmat Aladdin Mini" - belongs to the new Amphora series 2015 and is a real all-rounder. It is distinguished from the other tandoor stoves by the fact that it has a base "ex works".
The new design not only looks beautiful, but also has the great advantage that the 120 cm tall tandoor is the tallest of its "brothers" and is therefore very convenient for barbecuing. As a HIGHLIGHT, the "Sarmat Aladdin" offers a viewing window, which has the advantage that you can watch / control the exciting preparation process and almost no heat is lost. This model also includes the user-friendly lid holder!
The tandoor "Sarmat Aladdin" makes culinary dreams come true for very large groups as well as for smaller events. With its size and thick fireclay walls, it stores the heat for almost 3 hours, so that a complete menu can be easily prepared.

With the new accessories that have come onto the market with the new series, you can now also easily bake pizza or bread, prepare grilled cheese, but also stew vegetables that you can serve, for example, as a salad or side dish.
Naturally, meat lovers can also enjoy it to the full. With its size and the 20 forged shish kebab skewers, the Tandoor "Sarmat Aladdin" is a real all-rounder with no limits. Whether sausages, steaks, a complete roast, fish or spare ribs - all this is possible with the "Sarmat Aladdin".

Please note that the tandoor stoves are handmade and therefore each tandoor is unique!

In order to protect your tandoor from weather conditions, we recommend that you always cover the protective cover made of waterproof material after the stove has cooled down.