Tandoor Alexander

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Manufacturer TechnoKeramika
Height, mm 950
Material Ceramic
Wall thickness, mm 50
Height without cover, mm 620
Weight, kg 108
Throat diameter, mm 310
Diameter, mm 560


Skewer made of 2 mm stainless steel. Length 51 cm. Quantity: 8 pcs.
Metal scoop. Length 63 cm. Quantity: 1 piece.
Metal poker. Length 63 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Ash grate. Quantity: 1 piece
Suspension device (sun). Quantity: 1 piece
Forged legs. Quantity: 1 piece

Tandoor Alexander is a ceramic stove that keeps heat in a heated state for 2-4 hours. The large volume of the tandoor and its thick walls make it possible to cook up to 4 kg in one ignition. meat and many different dishes. It has excellent characteristics: high thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness, strength. It has a service life of over 10 years.

Tandoor Alexander is made in the form of a large rounded barrel. The tandoor has two levels of covers (cap and lid). Conveniently made cap allows you not to lose heat when opening the tandoor. A lid with convenient handles makes it easy to open the tandoor and put food for cooking into it. Forged stand - legs provide convenient use of the tandoor. The beauty of the tandoor is given by an interesting ornamental plant pattern located in its central part. The ceramic tandoor is mostly beige, with brown added in the ornamental area. A glaze is applied to the surface of the ornament, which protects it from moisture and dirt. Made of high-temperature fireclay clay, it has high thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness, strength and durability for more than 10 years.