Tandoor Steppe

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Manufacturer TechnoKeramika
Height, mm 1050
Material Ceramic
Wall thickness, mm 60
Height without cover, mm 670
Weight, kg 160
Throat diameter, mm 330
Diameter, mm 680

Included in the standard set:

Skewer in 2 mm stainless steel. Length 55 cm. Quantity: 10 pcs.
Metal scoop. Length 62 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Metal poker. Length 62 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Ash grate. Diameter 28 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Suspension device (sun). Diameter 28 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Forged legs. Quantity: 1 piece

The Steppe Technoceramics tandoor offered to your attention is a real work of art, made with the help of modern technologies and high-quality materials. The tandoor itself is a pot shape with 2 holes to control the state of the food being prepared, as well as to simplify the process of placing food inside the vessel.

For reliability and ease of placement, the design provides forged cast iron legs. To accommodate skewers, frying pans or a standard "Christmas tree" stand, there are seats, as well as mounting fasteners.

The main production material is fireclay clay with high-temperature treatment in furnaces for hardening and hardening. With proper operation and timely maintenance, the warranty for its operation is up to 10 years. Clay is an organic material that makes food not only tasty but also safe.