Tandoor Hektor

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Manufacturer TechnoKeramika
Height, mm 930
Material Ceramic
Wall thickness, mm 50
Height without cover, mm 630
Weight, kg 117
Throat diameter, mm 320
Diameter, mm 550

Included in the standard set:

Skewer made of 2 mm stainless steel. Length 55 cm. Quantity: 8 pcs.
Metal scoop. Length 62 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Metal poker. Length 62 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Ash grate. Quantity: 1 piece
Suspension device (sun). Quantity: 1 piece
Forged legs. Quantity: 1 piece

Tandoor "Hector" is a special ceramic oven designed for cooking meat. The design features of the model allows you to maintain a high temperature, heat inside the device for 3-3.5 hours. For 1 ignition, you can cook from 3 to 4 kg of meat. Buy tandoor "Hector" is profitable. At a relatively low cost, the model is characterized by excellent performance characteristics and can be effectively operated for 10 years or more.

The furnace body has a rounded shape (in the form of a small barrel), made of special fireclay clay by high-temperature firing. The model has 2 covers - one in the upper part of the body, the other is made in the form of a cap. This cap allows you to keep the maximum amount of heat inside the oven, thereby maintaining an optimal temperature regime. In order for the ceramic "Hector" tandoor to have an attractive appearance, there is a beautiful decorative ornament on the outside of the case. Stability and ease of use is ensured by a stylish and durable forged stand.