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Tandoor Kosak

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Manufacturer TechnoKeramika
Height, mm 990
Material Ceramic
Wall thickness, mm 60
Height without cover, mm 690
Weight, kg 155
Throat diameter, mm 330
Diameter, mm 590

Included in the standard set:

Skewer made of 2 mm stainless steel. Length 55 cm. Quantity: 10 pcs.
Metal scoop. Length 62 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Metal poker. Length 62 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Ash grate. Diameter 28 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Suspension device (sun). Diameter 28 cm. Quantity: 1 pc.
Forged legs. Quantity: 1 piece

Tandoor is an ancient oven of the East, which was built from refractory clay or ceramics. The food that was cooked in it was not roasted on hot coals, but languished inside the oven. Thanks to this unusual exotic structure, the craftsmen prepared a wide range of delicious food: fish, chicken, rabbit, barbecue, vegetables, samsa, bread cakes and various dishes in cast iron.

Tandoor Kosak is an old work of art, not just a ceramic stove. Famous artists were directly involved in its construction, who worked on sketches, developed colors and methods of decoration. Tandoor was created for a large number of people. The meat in this oven turns out to be soft and juicy, not the same as on the grill, and the likelihood of forgetting it while turning it over disappears by itself.

On the Kosak tandoor from Technoceramics, you can even fry cutlets, prepare pizza and various desserts. Such an old oriental stove is suitable for those people who want to decorate their summer cottage with a practical structure. The skewers are fixed in the slot of the lid, so access to them is easier, you just need to remove the top cap and get the skewer with the kebab through the hole. Inside the tandoor, you can bake chicken or vegetables.